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We offer handcrafted soap and shampoo bars that are naturally gentle and moisturizing. We also offer a handcrafted skin care line, lotions, bath salts, lip balms, scrubs, body butters and more. Want to share our products with someone but not sure what to get? Check out our Gift Certificates! Come and browse...you'll like what you find!

Recent blog posts

Spring and Summer Scents!

Our spring and summer seasonal scents have arrived! For a limited time, you can welcome the sun and warmer temperatures with Lilac, Rose, Sunflower, and...wait for it...Easter Basket! They're available in our body butter, lotion, sugar scrub, body mist, Dead...

1:29 PM EST | 3/31/2014

Free shipping on orders of $60.00 or more!

We're excited to announce a change in our shipping policy. We now offer free shipping on any retail order of $60.00 or more in the continental United States! We are also offering a $15.00 shipping discount on international orders. This is...

12:10 PM EST | 3/8/2014

Spring is almost here! Can you smell it?

I saw a robin in the front yard this morning and it made me happy to realize spring is almost here! That made me think of the scents of spring - wet dirt as the snow melts, that rainy smell...

2:13 PM EST | 2/24/2014