About Us

Cedar Ridge Soaps is a small, family-operated business in Keedysville, Maryland. We began making natural, handcrafted soaps and shampoo bars in 2004 for our own use. Extended family and friends tried our soaps and liked them so much that they suggested we make them available to everyone.

You may ask, "Why handcrafted soap?" Your skin is the largest organ of your body and does a wonderful job of protecting you. Part of that job is to act as a filter, allowing some substances to pass from the environment into your body and some substances to pass from your body into the environment. Therefore, anything you place on your skin has the potential to enter your body. Our made-from-scratch, handcrafted soaps and other products contain natural ingredients, such as olive oil, shea butter, clays, oatmeal, sugar and essential oils to care for your skin. You can find a lot of our ingredients in your kitchen and you can pronounce all of them! Some of our products may also contain small amounts of fragrance oils and will be labeled (fo) to let you know.

The oils we use in our soaps and shampoo bars are carefully chosen for their skin care properties, as well as the properties they give to the finished bars. Olive oil and rice bran oil are humectants, meaning they attract moisture from the air to your skin. Coconut oil is a great latherer, producing a fluffy lather even in sea water. Palm oil is conditioning and makes a hard, long-lasting bar. Castor oil gives the exceptional, creamy lather you'd expect in a shampoo bar and is a humectant as well. Depending on your hair type, you may find that you don't need to use a separate conditioner every day. Our soaps and shampoo bars are made using the cold process method, where the selected oils are carefully combined with water and sodium hydroxide, or lye, to "saponify" the oils, or turn them into soap. Then the mixture is scented, colored and poured into molds, where it hardens and is cut into bars. The bars are allowed to cure for at least two weeks. During this time, they become milder and harder, so they'll last longer.

Our soap and shampoo bars also contain glycerin, another moisture-attracting ingredient. We don't add it; it develops naturally as a part of the soap-making process. Many commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin from their soap to speed up the manufacturing process and because there is a demand for glycerin in other products. Our bars retain all of their glycerin, ensuring you a mild, moisturizing soap and shampoo that's perfect for everyone in your family. Don't forget to check out our pet shampoo bar!